Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service for Free and Paid Ads

1. May not include any content that is obscene, harmful to minors, an invasion of privacy, offensive, or otherwise illegal or inappropriate.
2. May not sale any adult oriented services or products.
3. May not use the TexasFishingClassifieds.com services for fraudulent activities.
4. May not use automated routines to gather information from TexasFishingClassifieds or any action that is repetitive which would degrade the site’s performance.
5. May not place ads or images on site or in print that promote racism, sexism, intolerance, hatred, violence, or are obscene in nature or images not related to the product or service in your ad.
6. Ads for companies offering jobs for envelope stuffing, home mailers or mailing, credit cards for bad debt or no credit, and loans and credit resolution must have approval from the publication prior to placing ad.
7. Email, phone, or other contact information is strictly forbidden in the description field. Contact info must be placed in the appropriate field and must be accurate.
8. TexasFishingClassifieds.com is for the Texas area and ads from other areas may be denied at our discretion.
9. Duplicate ads or ads for the same items in the same categories may be denied.
10. Must include city and state in location.

The follow items, in addition to those already listed, are prohibited:
1. Any Item we feel is not appropriate.
2. Any Item not fishing related.

Free Ads
1. Free ads are limited to 500 characters.
2. Duplicate ads are not allowed to be placed into the same category.
3. No more than 5 free ads are allowed per person per week.

Paid Ads
1. No monetary refunds will be give for ads that violate any part of this agreement. Credits will be given if we feel the violation was unintentional.

TexasFishingClassifieds reserves the right to terminate any classified ad, picture, or membership without notice if it is believed that the ad or member does not comply with our User Agreement or Ad Placement Policies.